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Jody from Decatur, Ms writes

How long does Adonis 75 WSP last in the soil when used for termite treatments?

Is this a good product to treat the soil before I pour my concrete slab for my shop? Will it treat 2000 sq ft?


You can expect Adonis to last for about 5 years in the soil. If you are using Adonis 75 WSP at the higher usage rate (recommended) you will have about 50 gallons of finished solution. Apply an overall treatment to the entire surface of soil or other substrate to be covered by the slab including areas to be under carports, porches, basement floor and entrance platforms. Apply at the rate of 1 gallon of solution
to accurately and uniformly cover 10 square feet. If fill under slab is gravel or other coarse aggregate, apply at the rate of 1.5 gallons or sufficient volume of solution, to accurately and uniformly cover 10 square feet. In addition, apply 4 gallons of solution (see APPLICATION VOLUME) per 10 linear feet to provide a uniform treated zone in soil at critical areas such as along the inside of foundation walls, and around plumbing, bath traps, utility services, and other features that will penetrate the slab. Please refer to Adonis 75WSP product label for complete usage instructions.

Answer last updated on: 06/28/2012

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