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Judy from Georgetown, Ontario writes

How long does bedbug infestation take? If I haven't seen anything on tape around the bed in 4 weeks?

Getting bites mostly on my hands (we also have a cat with fleas) I taped around my bed and have not seen any blood smears or bedbugs. I moved in six weeks ago and want to be sure this is not a bedbug infestation. Cat sleeps with my dad but he doesn't get bit. I comb the cat out nightly and usually see one or two fleas. I check my bed and linens daily and have not seen any signs of bedbugs or blood smears. After six weeks wouldn't I being seeing signs of bedbugs if we had them? Seems most bites appear after handling the cat, but still not sure? please respond. I do not want to spray for bedbugs if we don't have them as my dad is older and has c.o.p.d.


The only surefire way to know if you have bedbugs is by doing a thorough search of the entire room. Do not confine your search to just your bed or linens. In most cases you would notice bites on other parts of your body not just your hands and you would most likely see blood stains on the mattress or linens at some point. You may consider calling a professional company to inspect your home to see if they can find evidence of bedbugs. Some companies even offer the services of bedbug sniffing dogs which may help eliminate un-needed spraying.

Answer last updated on: 02/15/2012

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