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Scott writes

How long will it take to be safe after spot treating with Termidor SC?

I noticed subterranean termites on my window sill. They were pretty bad, so I removed the drywall inside. When I spray the studs inside with Termidor SC, do we need to leave the house to be safe. If so, how long? Should I install the drywall and insulation right after I spray? I'm also treating the outside by digging a trench and drilling holes every 10 inches like you suggest.


Termidor SC is a very safe product and widely used by professional companies inside homes every day across the country.  Termidor SC is odorless and does not have any fumes.  As long as you applied the product as directed inside the wall, you do not have to leave the home.  We always recommend leaving the room after applying any product and just allow enough time for it to dry which is usually about 30 to 45 minutes.  As far as replacing the drywall, you can do so usually after 24 hours when everything has had time to dry out.  If you replace the drywall too soon before the wall has dried, you can have moisture issues which can lead to mold.  24 hours is usually plenty of time for everything to dry out.

Answer last updated on: 09/05/2010

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