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Neil from Nyc, Ny writes

How long will it take to Kill a Rat with Contrac?

Road repair on a major street let some rats into my basement, I sealed up all the holes I think and I placed Contrac Bait in bait stations resulting in a kill of at least one rat. It seemed to me that one rat got stuck in the basement ceiling as well after I sealed it back up. I placed Contrac bait in the basement ceiling and I noticed that the 3 blocs moved. I then noticed 2 little fresh droppings around the area of the blocks, presumably eaten. Based on this, do you think the rat ate enough to die? There is no other food sources in the basement ceiling. How can I be sure that I've eradicated all rats in the basement?


After a rodent consumes a lethal dose of the Contrac Blox it can take about a week for the rodent to die. You should keep replacing the bait until you do not have any more activity at the bait station because you could have more rodents than you realize, as is often the case.

Answer last updated on: 11/09/2011

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