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Theresa from Winter Springs, Fl writes

How much archer and conquer per gallon of water for fleas outdoors?

I just wanted to know the ratio of archer and conquer to 1 gal of water for treating fleas in my yard, also ants. I have a 1500 sq ft yard am using a hand held gallon pump sprayer.


This question is kind of tough if you only have a one gallon hand pump sprayer to apply the product.  When treating fleas in the yard you should water the product in.  You should apply 1 ounce of archer IGR per gallon of water and for conquer, you are supposed to apply 1/3 fluid ounces (or 10 ml) in 6 gallons of water and apply this over 1000 square feet.  Best way to do this is to just mix 1 ounce of Archer IGR, and 1/3 oz. of conquer in your gallon of water, apply that over 1000 square feet, and then water in with a few gallons of water over your yard so that solution gets into the thatch layer where the flea larvae or residing.

Answer last updated on: 03/04/2012

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