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Jeff writes

How much dust should come out of the B&G Bulb Duster 1150?

I'm not sure if I using it wrong but when I dust with the duster held upright, there doesn't seem to be much coming out at all. If I point down or hold horizontally and squeeze, more comes up. I am attempting to squeeze dust into some carpenter been holes on my fascia but I cannot tell if any/enough is coming out.


The  B&G Bulb Duster 1150 is designed so just a small amount of dust comes out at a time.  You only want to apply enough dust to kill insects. If a there is a large pile the insect may go around the dust. The duster could also be clogged and would need to be cleaned out. 

Answer last updated on: 04/23/2015

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B&G Bulb Duster 1150

B&G Bulb Duster 1150

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