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Carol from Maplewood, New Jersey writes

How much Hi-Yield 38-Plus Insect Control 38% Permethrin per gallon of water do I use to treat for Euonymus Scale?


Hi-Yield 38-Plus Insect Control 38% Permethrin is not labeled to treat Eunonymus Scale. Timing is critical when trying to manage euonymus scale. The hard waxy cover protects adult scale from contact insecticides. Therefore, adults treated with a contact insecticide will live to produce another generation later that year. Crawlers can be killed easily because they are small and unprotected by a cover. Thus, nearly all products specifically target this stage.  We would recommend you use Talstar P making sure you spray under the leaves as well as the top of the leaves. You can follow that up with horticultural oil for a faster knockdown. The Talstar will leave a residual to kill new crawlers:

Answer last updated on: 10/30/2022

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