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Nico writes

How much of an area will a 33 gram tube of Maxforce FC Magnum cover?


The application rate of Maxforce FC Magnum will vary depending upon the level of infestation and species to be controlled. Generally, Each 33 g tube yields approximately 33 bait placements and treats 11 to 44 square yards, depending on infestation. Standard Application Rates *0.75 g per square yard €“ maintenance programs for continuous control (will not provide fast control of existing infestations) *Up to 1.5 g per square yard €“ light to moderate infestations, retreatments *Up to 3.0 g per square yard €“ clean out of severe or heavy infestations *1-2 g per square yard €“ large cockroaches such as American, Smoky-Brown, or Oriental **0.1 g equals approx. ¼ in. diameter spot; 1.0 g equals approx. dime-sized spot. Apply gel as round spots or thin beads into cracks and crevices or as a spot treatment. Place bait close to cockroach harborages, foraging and feeding areas such as corners and cracks and crevices. Numerous smaller bait placements provide faster control than fewer larger placements. In cases of severe infestation and areas with excessive clutter or alternative food sources that cannot be eliminated, use the higher rate of application.  

Answer last updated on: 01/23/2016

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