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Terry from Alpine, Al writes

How much Pennington Fast Acting Lime will it take per acre to raise soil pH 1 point?

I have 5300 SQ ft of yard to treat.


The amount of Pennington Fast Acting Lime you need to put down is determined by what your soils starting pH would be to compare to the scale on the product label. One 6 pound bag of Pennington Fast Acting Lime will cover approximately 1,000 square feet on lawns for pH that is 6.0 and above. One 30 pound bag will cover approximately 5,000 square feet. You will add an additional 6lbs/1,000 sqft on the application rate for each 1/2 point of pH below 6 (i.e., use 12lbs for pH 5.5-6.0, 18lbs for pH 5.0 - 5.5, etc.)

Answer last updated on: 03/17/2021

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