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How much Termidor SC to spray inside walls?

For doing spot treatments do you have a recommendation for the concentration and volume of Termidor to spray into each 8 foot tall 16" on center stud wall cavity?


There is no specific amount, but when treating wall voids, you should apply the same concentration as you would anywhere else, which is a .06% solution. This is .8 ounces of Termidor per gallon of water.  As far as the amount and method, termites will be entering the structure from underground near the floor.  Since we know this, it is wasteful to drill a hole near the middle of the wall void.  This will just wet your sheet rock and potentially cause damage.  Since we know the termites are entering from the bottom of the void, where the studs and sill plate are, you should drill holes about every 6 inches directly above the baseboard so when you apply Termidor in the void, it is going directly on the wood where the termites are, and not being soaked up by sheet rock or insulation.  Typically you should hold down your sprayer trigger for about 7 to 10 seconds per hole and that should be sufficient.

Answer last updated on: 12/17/2012

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