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Amy from Allen, Texas writes

How much to buy for an acre?

Our house is on an acre. We are mostly fighting fire ants, flies (on flowering shrubs), spider mites, and wasps. We also have a pool which attracts flying red ants and I assume we will soon see mosquitos. Help!! Is Biden the solution for us? I have already spent too much money on professional fire ant control with little success. What is the best way to apply? Can I apply to full lawn and shrubs? Hose sprayer? Any help appreciated.


The Bifen would definitely be a great option for most of the pest you are having a problem with. You can use the Bifen in a hand pump sprayer or with a hose end, although you will get more uniform and accurate coverage with a hand pump than you will a hose. You would typically mix 1 ounce to a gallon of water for all the insects in your yard and you can spray the bushes, yard, ornamentals and trees for mosquitoes, spider mites, wasps and regular ants. For fire ants you need to treat a little differently as they are more unique than other ants. The BEST way to control fire ants is with a professional grade bait like the Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait. It not only is a food source that they will forage for and bring back into the nest, but it also contains an IGR-birth control-to keep the queen from reproducing. This has been proven to have the most thorough results. If you don't want to use a bait you can use the bifen on the fire ants but you must follow the instructions on the label for drenching each mound with at least 3 gallons of water to get all the way to the bottom of the nest. You can see the specific instructions for this method on the Product Label.

Answer last updated on: 06/07/2013

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