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Sam from Mason, Ohio writes

How much water is needed to mix with TurfGrassPro Micros to treat 3,000 sq ft?


The water volume you use when applying the TurfGrass Pro Micros, or any other product that gives you an amount per 1000 sq/ft on the product label, will vary from person to person and application to application. The water is merely the carrier to get the amount of chemical evenly distributed over the desired amount of treatment area. For fertilizers you want to use a higher water volume per 1000 sq/ft than you would an insecticide or even herbicide, as you want to make sure the nutrients are getting not just on the foliage of the grass, but also down into the roots and thatch layers of the soil. The higher water volume also insures you do not over apply and burn the lawn from too high of a concentration of fertilizer in one spot. On average you will use 2-4 gallons of water to every 1000 sq/ft you treat. So based on the mix rate you choose, anywhere from 2-6 oz of TGP Micros per 1000 sq/ft ( so 6-18 oz to your whole 3000 sq/ft area), would be put in roughly 2 gallons of water per 1000, or 6-10 gallons over the whole yard. 

Answer last updated on: 04/26/2021

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