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Gary from Orange, Ca writes

How should rat-mouse glue boards be placed in a small warehouse setting (food bank)?

I am trying my best to tell our volunteers how and where to place glue boards to attempt at some control, along with other rodent-be-gone products (I don't want them moving what I place, but they do anyways). What I need is a diagram to copy so I can give crew so they better know placement of the glue boards. They move them to where they think they want them, paying no mind how ridiculous it may be. We are very satisfied customers of DoMyOwnPestControl, and thank you for your products, help and advice. I could sure use some type of copyable diagram... Sincerely, frustrated in California


Unfortunately we have no such diagram and certain states have different requirements for how they want rodent control to be handled at warehouses.  We recommend that you either call your state's department of agriculture, or try calling Bell Laboratories, as they are the largest producer of rodent control products and they may have some sort of diagram or suggestions better than what we could give for your situation.  You can reach them at 800-323-6628.

Answer last updated on: 11/26/2011

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