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Doak from Salt Lake City, Ut writes

How to apply Sucker Stopper to shoots around base of tree

How do I apply the Sucker Stopper to shoots that have come up around the base of the tree? Do I prune and spray, or just spray the shoots without cutting down? Once treated do they wither away, or will I need to cut down?


Many trees produce suckers every spring. Even though you cut them back, the suckers will continue to come back all summer long, which can be very annoying. One application of Sucker-Stopper RTU can prevent this recurrence. Also, after pruning, many trees will put out suckers around the pruning wound. These are very hard to keep under control. One application of Sucker-Stopper RTU after pruning will prevent this. Thoroughly cover the primary wound or where the existing sprouts have been removed. Be sure to treat before new growth suckers are 10 inches in length. The earlier you treat, the better. Control should last about 3 months. As far as visible signs on the shoots, the reactions can vary by hartiness of the shoot and environment surrounding the area.

Answer last updated on: 05/08/2013

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