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How to Core Aerate Your Lawn - Lawn Aeration Tips

By DoMyOwn staff

Aerating your yard is one of the most important things you can do. By pulling cores of earth from the lawn, you are allowing much needed nutrients to get down to the soil level where they belong. The results are a greener and healthy lawn.

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Video Transcript

Compacted soils can stop air, water, and nutrients from getting where they need to go. When left unchecked, the lawn can start to become dry and die, leaving behind hard dirt patches. Core aeration is the best solution to fixing this problem.

 You can rent an aeration machine for larger lawns or use a hand corer, like a garden fork, for smaller areas. 

WIth a machine, make passes just like you would with a lawn mower. Go back and forth over the whole lawn. Then cross the paths you just made, going back and forth, creating a checkerboard type pattern. The more holes in your yard the better. If aerating by hand, simply take the hand corer or garden fork, and work it into the ground. Make swivel motions while pressing down.

Cores of earth are removed to allow the lawn to breath, gain water and  receive nutrients. This will allow for water and nutrients to get to the roots of the grass, allowing for a stronger, greener lawn.The cores are  left on your lawn for extra nutrients.  Eventually the holes will be filled in with new grass.

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