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How to Dethatch a Lawn - Dethatching Tips

By DoMyOwn staff

Most people over look dethatching their yard! It is a simple way to make sure your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs to survive. In this video, we will go over a couple of dethatching tips.

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Video Transcript

Thatch is an excessive growth of grass that builds up before existing plant matter can decompose. Heavy thatch creates a barrier that stops air, water, and nutrients from getting down to the soil. It can cause shallow root development, prevent pesticides or fertilizer penetration, and can harbor disease causing bacteria or fungus.

Dethatching generally includes using a thatch rake or power rake machine to remove the excess thatch. Whatever method you choose, make sure to get all the way down to the grass level. Don't leave spaces when raking. You should overlap by a couple of inches to make sure you cover as much ground as possible. After you have gone over the whole lawn, make sure to remove any loosened debris.

Once the thatch has been removed, the grass and soil will be able to breath, resulting in a healthier and greener lawn. Your now ready to put out new grass seed and fertilizer at this point.

And it's that easy with the expert help from Do My Own Pest Control dot com!

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