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How to Find Snakes Indoors

By DoMyOwn staff

Make sure you know what to look for when inspecting for snakes indoors.

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Similar to outdoors, shed snake skins is usually one of the first indicators that a snake has made its way indoors. Snakes are great at hiding and can find some very inconspicuous places to squeeze in. They are most often found in basements or crawl space areas but they have been known to make their way into living areas as well. 

Don't stick your hands or feet into dim areas to inspect for snakes. Instead, use a bright flashlight to help you visually inspect the following areas:

Under and behind appliances
In rafters
On wall ledges
Near door or window frames
In or around stored boxes
In or around clothing piles
Near water pipes
Near heat sources
In confined, dark spaces

If venomous snakes are a known issue on your property, we strongly recommend that you consult with a professional wildlife removal company prior to any snake inspections or removal efforts. 

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