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David writes

How to get rid of Carpet Beetles?

Hi, I found three adult carpet beetles (Varied type) in my home (in hallway above closet) I have not seen any larvae, although to be honest, I haven't done a thorough search of my closets, clothes. I just took a CPA exam & haven't had much time to do anything. I want to take care of this though ASAP. Someone had told me that I need to trim back my bushes and small trees adjacent to my home as that can bring carpet beetles. Does that have any truth to it?? I moved into my home just three months ago but have owned it for seven years and had tenants here. One of them (moved out over three years ago had dogs), the second had like a bird, guinea pig but that's it. We cleaned the ducts before the second tenant moved in. Thank You


Please take a few minutes to read our How to Control Carpet Beetles article for an in depth explanation of how to control this pest. Carpet beetles and other pests can find many ways to get into your home including taking advantage of pathways made by trees and bushes that are touching your home. You can also read our article Integrated Pest Management which explains how to take a holistic approach to pest control and how to make your home and property less favorable to pests.

Answer last updated on: 06/14/2011

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