How to Get Rid of Dampwood Termites

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How to Get Rid of Dampwood Termites, Dampwood Termite Control

The Dampwood Termite-sometimes called the "rotten wood termite-is associated with high moisture content and wood decay.


Physical Appearance

At 3/8" to ¾" long, the Dampwood termite is larger than both the Drywood and Subterranean.


  • Soldiers defend the colony against other insects that might attack the colony; they have a flattened brown head with long dark brown to black mandibles.
  • Reproductives,are dark brown with brown wings.
  • Nymphs are creamy colored with a spotted pattern on the abdomen caused by food in their intestines


Know Your Enemy!
Learn more about your pesky opponents' savvy ways by reading up on some basic identification and biology: Dampwood Termite ID & Biology

Inspection First
Before treating for dampwood termites, you will need to get a pretty good idea of where the problem areas/ potential problem areas on your property are by looking for the common signs of infestation.


Signs of Infestation:

1. Shed wings

2. Ejected wood pellets

3. The "velvety appearance" of wood galleries

4. Piles of fecal pellets outside wood galleries which are elongated (approx .03" long) and round on the ends, but lacking the six flattened surfaces of drywood termite pellets (see illustration)

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Methods for Moisture Reduction
Reducing the amount of moisture in infested areas is one of the best ways to control dampwood termites in preparation for chemical application.

  • Repair leaky construction and plumbing elements
  • Increase ventilation
  • Assure that all drains are working properly
  • Make construction adjustments to minimize contact with wood and soil.


Recommended Products for Dampwood Termite Control:

  • Bora-Care - A borate-based product that provides prevention and control of Termites when applied to wood.
  • Premise 2 - Generally used for treating localized areas of known subterranean termite activity, but it is also effective in controlling drywood and dampwood termites
  • Premise Granules- Unique granular insecticide specifically labeled and formulated to kill termites and other wood destroying pests.
  • Timbor - A wood preservative for the protection and treatment of lumber against fungal decay and wood destroying insects.

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