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How to Get Rid of Drain Flies - Drain Fly Kit

By DoMyOwn staff

How do you kill flies in and around your home? Flies can be a nuisance pest in the kitchen especially. In this video we will show you how to use our popular Drain Fly Gel Kit!

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Video Transcript

Small flies lingering around your kitchen sink and bathroom drains are likely drain flies. Drain flies breed in the organic matter that builds up in drains, then fly into rooms as adults, often in kitchens and bathrooms.

DoMyOwn has created a drain fly kit to help you combat the presence of these tiny flies and control the organic debris they breed in. By combining a drain gel, an aerosol insecticide space spray, and glue boards into one easy to use kit, you will get rid of drain flies and be able get the problem under control.

The aerosol insecticide space spray will knockdown adult drain flies around a room. Before you use the space spray, close all doors and windows in the room, store food, utensils, and pet bowls in air tight containers, preferably out of the room, and remove all pets and children from the room. Then, remove the cap off the can, spray the aerosol in the middle of the room for 2-3 seconds per 1,000 cubic feet, and leave the room. 

Allow the spray to settle at least 15 minutes before re-entering the room. You should see dead drain flies upon re-entry. Open doors and windows in the room and sweep dead drain flies into the trash. Read the label on your aerosol to determine how long the product should be sprayed and how long you should wait before you re-enter the room.

If you have drain flies in your kitchen, they are most likely coming from the kitchen sink drain. Sinks with two drains may have drain flies in one drain or both. To determine which drain the flies are emerging from, place a glue board over both drains overnight. In the morning, check both glue boards to determine which drain has flies. Treat only the drains with evidence of flies.

When using the glue boards, bend the boards slightly to create a small tent over the drain. This will prevent the boards from sticking to sink. You can reuse glue boards night after night, just be sure to circle any flies caught on previous nights with a marker. This will help you see if there is a reduction in flies over time.
To treat a drain for drain flies, wait until everyone in the household is done using the kitchen for the night, then clean and dry your sink to remove any water or food crumbs. Pour drain fly gel down the sink, using the amount recommended on the label of your gel. Make sure you coat the sides of the drain well and run the garbage disposal for a few seconds while pouring the gel if you have one. Do not run water or rinse the sink after pouring in the gel until the next morning. 

Leave the gel overnight, then use your sink as normal the next day. Use glue boards over the drain to catch drain flies escaping the drain at night.
Repeat the gel treatments nightly for as long as it takes to get rid of the flies, usually at least a week. 

If drain flies have been spotted in the bathroom, perform the same nightly treatment in the drain of the bathroom sink or tub, using a glue board to monitor the progression of the treatment. 

Once your drain fly problem has been resolved, use the gel once a month as a maintenance treatment. This is also smart idea for restaurants and commercial buildings where organic matter builds inside drains fast. 

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