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How to Get Rid of & Kill Mosquitoes in the Yard

By DoMyOwn staff

Mosquitoes can spread diseases and generally be a nuisance in your yard. Learn to get rid of them with this video.

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Video Transcript

Do you have mosquitoes flying around? Mosquitoes can take all of the fun out of outdoor activities. They bite over and over  again, leaving everyone annoyed and itchy. In recent years, mosquitoes in the US  have even been proven to spread dangerous diseases. You can help control  mosquitoes on your property by following these steps.     Step 1: Take a good look around your yard for anything that can hold rain water. Bird  baths, Flowerpots, Ornamental fountains, Gutters, Water gardens, Rain barrels, Pool  covers, puddles, animal drinking containers, shallow ponds or yard debris can  become home to mosquito larvae. Empty or remove these items if possible. If  emptying or removing the items is not possible you can use a larvicide such as  Mosquito dunks or Altosid. This will stop the larvae from being able to develop into  adult mosquitoes.     Step 2: We are going to show you how to effectively apply mosquito insecticide in  your yard. Select a product that is specifically labeled for mosquito control in  residential yards such as Talstar P or Demand CS.  Now you need to choose the  equipment that will best fit your needs. For small yards you can use a pump  sprayer for the application. For larger yards we recommend using a larger capacity  mist blower. All this equipment and these products are available on     Step 3 Mix the mosquito insecticide as indicated on the product label. The key to a  successful mosquito treatment is to apply the solution to all shrubs, trees, and other  foliage around the house or where you are trying to provide relief. You should direct  the application not only on top of the leaves, but on the underside of the leaves as  well, which is where mosquitoes hang out during the heat of the day. Applications to  the overhangs of houses or other structures will also help to get rid of mosquitoes on  your property.    Step 4: Reapply the mosquito insecticide every 30 days throughout the mosquito  season.    With the right products and by following the mosquito treatment steps we have  outlined for you, you can make your yard become a mosquito free haven. For more  information on getting rid of pests and for the products needed, visit