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How to Get Rid of Nutsedge

By DoMyOwn staff

Nutsedge is a weed found in the summer that stands taller than your grass & a perennial sedge that can be notoriously hard to get rid of.

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Nutsedge is a weed that thrives in the sun, is taller than turf, and has an extensive root system. If the root tubers, known as nutlets, remain in the soil, the weed will return for years until they are removed or treated.

If you have nutsedge in your lawn, use a post-emergent herbicide labeled for nutsedge for treatment. Remember, there are yellow nutsedge and purple nutsedge varieties, and a product may be labeled for one and not the other.

The post-emergent herbicide should also be compatible with your grass type to avoid damaging healthy turf.

While wearing long sleeves and gloves, mix your post-emergent herbicide and water in a hand pump or backpack sprayer according to the ratio recommended on the product label. The label will also note if a surfactant is needed to increase the effectiveness of the application.Spray the nutsedge weeds you see in your lawn and retreat throughout the summer as needed.

Allow at least 1 month after your initial treatment to see the effect your herbicide has on the nutsedge. This will allow the treatment to reach the tubers and rhizomes of the weed. Wait a few days after your post-emergent application to mow your grass.

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