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How to Get Rid of Scorpions

By DoMyOwn staff

Learn how to treat scorpions on your property and prevent them from returning with these helpful tips.

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Scorpions are prevalent in the American southwest but can be found throughout the United States. They generally shy away from people, but can sting if agitated.

It is hard to kill scorpions unless you make direct contact with the pests themselves. Instead, you want to treat your property for the small pests scorpions prey on, like crickets and spiders. Scorpions are less likely to live on your property if they cannot find a food source.

Select an insecticide labeled for scorpions and their prey, then mix that insecticide in a hand pump or backpack sprayer with water according to the instructions on the product label. Vigorously shake your water and insecticide solution to combine. Be sure to wear long sleeves and gloves when mixing and applying insecticides.

Spray your insecticide mixture around the foundation of your home, up and out, according to the instructions on the insecticide label. This will create a barrier treatment for pests.

Then, using an insecticide labeled for scorpions and indoor use, spray the areas of your home where pests may enter or hide. Areas around the home to spray include the corners of rooms, under appliances, behind toilets, beneath sinks, around door and window frames, in cracks and crevices, and along the walls and corners of garages and basements. Do not blanket spray the insecticide across a room.

For both indoor and outdoor insecticide applications, know that areas that reach high heats and direct sunlight will need to be re-treated more often than shaded, cooler areas. Refer to the product label of your insecticide for reapplication instructions.

Glue traps are also a smart way to monitor your scorpion infestation. After treating, place glue traps in garages, closets, in the corners of rooms, and anywhere scorpions or their prey have been spotted. If you continue to catch scorpions or their prey on the glue traps after 21 days of treatment, repeat treatment.

If you spot a scorpion inside your home or on your property, you can spray it directly with insecticide. Be sure to wear heavy-duty work gloves to avoid stings. Use a UV flashlight at night or in the dark to search for scorpions. Scorpions are most active at night when they hunt their prey.

Scorpions will only come onto your property if they are able to find crickets, spiders, and other prey. By cleaning out spider webs, eliminating wood piles, raking mulch away from your home's foundation, and applying weather stripping around doors and windows, in addition to an insecticide application, you can make your home unwelcoming to these pests and scorpions.

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