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How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

By DoMyOwn staff

A combination of liquid insecticide and insecticide dust can help you get rid of stink bugs and keep them out as the temperatures fall.

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Stink bugs often find their way inside homes and businesses during the cooler months as they look for a warm place to overwinter. While they do not feed or reproduce indoors, they can be a nuisance due to the smell they release when they are irritated or crushed, and the sheer number of stink bugs that invade.

Once stink bugs have made their way inside, they can be much more difficult to control as they like to spend the winter in warm, inaccessible areas like inside walls, attics, and crawlspaces.  

Fall is the ideal time to start treating your home or business to keep stink bugs from invading.  Starting in early August, and continuing through November, or until the first frost, spray the exterior perimeter of your structure with a liquid insecticide spray, reapplying the insecticide every 30 days. 

To apply the liquid insecticide, spray up 1 foot and out 1 foot from the foundation of the structure, around areas where cables, pipes and wires enter the structure, around door frames and window frames, and around vents and soffits. 

After the liquid insecticide spray has dried, apply an insecticide dust.  The dust should be applied every 6 months directly into the cracks and crevices around the outside of the structure, around window and door frames, around where pipes and cables enter, around eaves and soffits, and into any cracks or gaps where pests can enter. 

Using the combination of a liquid and dust insecticide helps improve your protection against invading insects.   If you’ve had a stink bug invasion before, it may take more than one season to gain complete control. 

If you’ve missed your window to apply the outdoor preventative treatment and stinkbugs have made their way into your home, be careful to not squish these stinky pests. They emit a bad-smelling odor, which is how they earned their name. 

Use a vacuum cleaner to carefully remove stink bugs from your home.  You’ll want to empty the bag outside to keep the smell at bay.

If there are areas where you have stink bugs that are not accessible with a vacuum cleaner, you can also spot treat using a pyrethrin aerosol insect spray. Make sure to spray the stink bugs directly in order for it to be effective. 

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