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How to Inspect for Lawn Diseases

By DoMyOwn staff

Lawn disease can take over quickly. In this video we will tell you the basic things to look for when inspecting your lawn for a disease.

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Video Transcript

Lawn disease can take over quickly and cause a lot of damage. It is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of a lawn disease in order to treat quickly and effectively.

These diseases typically take hold when your lawn is experiencing external stressors such as drought, excess heat, or improper mowing height.

Most lawn diseases have two stages…

In the foliar blight stage your turf will begin turning yellow with dark spots. If you were to look at a blade under a magnifying glass, the blade would have an almost hairy appearance.

In the crown rot stage the leaves will continue to yellow, but the roots and lower stems will begin to rot. Eventually the blades will develop blackened lesions.

The affected area will appear in patches, small and large, which can converge to create larger areas of decay.

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