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Theresa from Houston, Texas writes

How to kill drywoods in trees near home with Bora-Care?

How to kill drywood nests in trees near my home that send mating couples into my house each year?


Bora-Care  is only for use on cut timber not currently still growing.

Termites do not attack live, healthy trees. If the tree has been damaged by termites it would be advisable to remove the tree.  They are natures recyclers so they go after dead/decaying wood more with high moisture content as well.   Most people are primarily concerned with protecting the big investment, their home.  Please take a moment to read over our article on "How to do a Termite Treatment" for complete details.  In most cases, termites out in the yard are completely normal and can be left alone.  However if in non fruit bearing trees and you can locate and directly spot treat the nest in the tree you can use something like Termidor SC after drilling into the gallery to be sure you are making contact where they are actively are.


Answer last updated on: 03/09/2021

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