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Find the Linear Footage of the Perimeter of Your Home

Know the Linear Footage of Your Home Before You Buy Pest Control

By DoMyOwn staff

Knowing how large the perimeter of your home is will be useful when purchasing termiticide or insecticide and mixing product. While most homeowners know the approximate square footage of their homes (the total area of the home) many are unaware of their linear footage, that is, the measurement of the outside of their home, without accounting for the rooms and height of the home.

Read below to learn the various ways you can measure the outer linear footage of your home for preventative pest control treatments.

Use Rope

Measure a length of rope, then line the rope up against the side of your home. Count the lengths of rope needed on each side of the home and multiply by the length of the rope. For example, 3 lengths of a 3 foot long rope is 9 feet.

Write down your measurements and add once you have covered the entire building.

Measuring Tape

Using a measuring tape to measure each wall of the perimeter of your building will give you a more precise measurement but will take some help from a friend. Have a friend hold one end of the measuring tape to the end of a wall, then run the tape out until the tape reaches its end or you hit the end of the wall. Add up all of your measurements to get your approximate perimeter measurement. We suggest writing down your measurements as you go.

Measuring Wheel

Perhaps the easiest way to measure the perimeter of your structure is using a measuring wheel. The wheel is attached to a stick with a counter on its handle. Just set the counter to zero, walk the perimeter of your home, and that's it! You can also measure each individual wall and add the numbers together if you find that easier.

Measuring for Preventative Perimeter Pest Control Treatments

Performing a preventative pest control treatment will help stop bugs from entering your home. Typically, a liquid insecticide is mixed with water and then sprayed around the perimeter of the home and around doors, windows, under eaves and soffits, and in areas where utilities enter the home.

Remember to include these windows, doorways, soffits, eaves, and where utilities enter your home into your linear footage measurement! If you are able to reach windows and doorways you can measure with a tape measure. If not, approximate the size of each, then add them to your total.

Once you know the approximate linear footage of your home, you will know how much pest control product to purchase. Don't want to select product or remember to re-order every month? Our perimeter pest control subscription program may be right for you! Learn more here.

If you have any questions about measuring your home's linear footage, give our customer service experts a call at 866-581-7378 or email

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