How to Remove a Tick

By DoMyOwn staff

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Although it’s tempting if you find a tick on you to try and immediately pull it off with your fingers, this is in fact the wrong thing to do. If you try to do this the tick’s body is likely to separate from its head, leaving the mouthparts still embedded in your skin. This obviously is unpleasant and can facilitate the spread of tick borne diseases. 

Removing ticks is simple, but must be done properly to avoid spreading
any possible diseaseses. To safely remove ticks, take a pair of
forceps and squeeze the tick by the head (not the body), and pull upward in a slow and steady motion.

Tick Removal Steps

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The best method for removing a tick is to get a pair of tweezers and gently pull the tick starting from the head and lifting it straight out as seen in the images below.


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