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Byron writes

How to treat a new home with Termidor?

We are getting ready go build a new home this fall. Do you recommend treating the entire ground underneath the basement floor before it is poured? Will the termidor sc be just as effective if we put it in the trench around the footing of the basement which will be 10 ft deep or must the termidor sc be applied to a trench that is only 6 inches deep? Is it necessary to treat our entire area of land that the house will sit on as an old house was there before?


If you are building a home you should treat the ground before any footings or slabs are poured.  This is because you will never have the opportunity again to treat underneath slabs.  When treating these areas, you are supposed to apply 1 gallon of Termidor per 10 square feet.  Treat all areas that will have a slab poured including basements, patios, porches, and garage slabs.  Then, when the house is completed and all grade levels have been placed next to the house, you should do a 6 inch trench and treat around the home as well.  This is the proper way to treat a new construction home.

Answer last updated on: 08/27/2011

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