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How to Use Alpine Roach Bait Rotation 2 Reservoir

By DoMyOwn staff

Alpine Roach Gel Bait Rotation 2 is a fast and effective product that can get rid of roaches in your home. Using a food-based ingredient and dinotefuran as its active ingredient, the roaches are enticed to eat the bait and pass the ingredient to other roaches, decreasing the time it takes to get rid of roaches.

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If you need a fast, effective solution for roaches, Alpine Cockroach Gel Baits can help you target and eliminate an entire colony as part of a comprehensive roach control program.

Alpine Cockroach Gel Bait Rotation 1 and 2 are formulated with different food-based ingredients to make the baits highly attractive to even gel-bait-averse roaches. This entices the roaches to eat the bait and return to the colony where they pass the active ingredient to other roaches, decreasing the time it takes to eliminate the infestation.

Containing the non-repellent active ingredient Dinotefuran-- Alpine roach baits can be used in homes, food-handling establishments, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial areas listed on the label.

Before applying Alpine roach bait, make sure the area where the bait will be applied has been thoroughly cleaned. Sweep under appliances, wipe down countertops, remove crumbs and debris from inside cabinets, wipe out sinks, and eliminate any sources of standing water in the area. By eliminating any other possible sources of food or water that could attract roaches, you will increase the effectiveness of the bait.

To apply the Alpine gel bait, attach the provided tip to a tube, then insert the included plunger and uncap the tip. Press the plunger in to release gel from the tube.

Place small beads of gel bait around the perimeter of the infested area, using around 10 beads per 10 linear feet of moderately infested areas or 20 beads per 10 linear feet for severely infested areas. These dots of bait should be about the size of a small pea or a pencil eraser. Do not apply the bait in long lines or larger amounts in one spot, as this is not attractive to roaches. Bait can also be applied in Bait Plate Stations to keep it off surfaces and to help keep it fresher longer.

Roach baits should be applied behind and inside kitchen cabinets, behind or under a stove, around any gaps where pipes or cables come through a wall, and along all baseboards and windowsills. Avoid applying cockroach gel baits to areas where high heat or steam are present, such as on oven surfaces or hot water pipes.

Apply the gel bait directly into cracks, crevices, and any other openings where roaches may be hiding, but avoid making your application on porous materials, such as granite countertops, or in spots where air currents may dry out the bait.

Avoid placing gel bait on surfaces that have recently been treated with pesticide or cleaning sprays, as these products can repel roaches from the baited area.

Apply roach bait only in areas that are not accessible to children or pets.

Alpine Cockroach Bait should be reapplied if the gel placements are no longer visible or if a reinfestation of roaches is sighted in the area.

Roach baits should be rotated with a different bait between applications to help prevent resistance and bait aversion. Alpine Roach Bait Gel Rotations 1 and 2 make it easy to switch between applications every 3 to 6 months during your treatment program

Check out the DoMyOwn roach control kits for other easy options for comprehensive roach control treatment programs that help rotate baits between treatments. Make sure to read the full product label carefully to apply the bait safely and effectively.

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