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How to Use Bait Plate Stations for Ants & Roaches

By DoMyOwn staff

Bait Plate Stations are a great way to hold granular or gel bait to get rid of ants and roaches.

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Video Transcript

" Hey, I'm Chris, the bug guy, from and today I am going to do an overview of the Bait Plate Station. The Bait Station can be used for ants or roaches. Each Bait Station comes with two separate parts a top and a bottom. And, they come together like this. And as you can see, the insect with enter in the front, right here. And if you want to catch larger insects with the station you will remove the top like that. 

Typically you want to use a granular or a gel bait giving the insects an option between a protein or a sweet bait. This is an example of a bait plate station, each bait station had two reservoirs. This is the granular bait, or the protein, and this is the liquid or gel bait is the sugar that also comes with a set of glue dots. 

You take you glue dots and place them on the bait station so you can secure your bait station to any surface. 

This product is clean, easy, and very affordable, so try it out at Do My Own Pest"