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How to Use Barricor SP Insecticide

By DoMyOwn staff

No PPE? No Problem! Barricor SP is a broad spectrum insecticide that has no signal word & requires no PPE* The active ingredient formulation can even be used on complex surfaces like concrete, mulch, and stucco.

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Spray your home for pests with confidence with Barricor SP. Barricor is a broad spectrum insecticide that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Perfect for preventative perimeter pest control applications, it controls a wide range of pests including ants, crickets, silverfish, roaches, spiders, and overwintering pests.

Barricor’s flexible label allows you to apply in more places, including in landscape beds, on ornamentals, on residential and recreational turf, and on complex surfaces like concrete, mulch, and stucco. This is possible due to Barricor SP’s namesake solid particle formulation, which allows the deltamethrin active ingredient to stay elevated on these complex surfaces so it can be more available to pests.

Barricor SP has no signal word, and there is no need to wear PPE when using it. This means you no longer need to hunt down gloves and goggles or wear long sleeves in the summer when applying.

To apply Barricor, fill your hand pump or backpack sprayer half way with water. Then, add the recommended amount of product needed, between 0.125 ounces and 1.5 ounces per gallon of water depending on your treatment type, to the sprayer. Fill the rest of the sprayer with water and replace the lid. Shake to combine.

Outdoors, apply as a preventative perimeter treatment around the foundation of your home, up and out 2-3 feet from the building. Apply around door and window frames, beneath soffits, and around other exterior openings where pests may enter your home.

Barricor SP can also be applied to shrubs and ornamental plant beds, and applied to turf, soil, and non-flowering ground next to the home or structure – wherever pests have been seen or can shelter.

It can be used as a drench for Fire and Harvester ants and sprayed directly onto Carpenter Ants. Refer to the product label for more details on ant treatment.

Indoors, apply Barricor in cracks and crevices where pests may hide, including where baseboards meet floors, beneath and behind appliances, under sinks, where utilities enter rooms and where plumbing enters rooms. Apply around door and window frames and in the corners of rooms. Apply as a general surface treatment to floors, carpets, or rugs.

In commercial settings, Barricor is safe to use in food handling establishments, including commercial kitchens.

Reapply every 21 days or as needed. Keep pets and children out of treated areas until the product has dried for at least 1 hour.

Be sure to read the Barricor SP insecticide label for full application instructions before using.

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