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How to Use Heritage G Fungicide

By DoMyOwn staff

Heritage G Fungicide offers preventative and curative control of over 20 common turf diseases in including brown patch, leaf spot, fairy ring, and powdery mildew.

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Prevent common turf diseases in your lawn with Heritage G Fungicide.

This granular fungicide provides broad spectrum control of over 20 common turf diseases including anthracnose, brown patch, fairy ring, leaf spot, and powdery mildew. It can be used on residential and commercial lawns, recreational & athletic fields, and golf courses.

As a systemic fungicide, the active ingredient, azoxystrobin, is absorbed through the leaf, stems, and root system of the plant.  Once it is absorbed into the plant tissue, it continues to move upwards through the plant to the leave tips to help protect from disease.  This allows for up to 28 days between applications, depending on disease pressure.

While Heritage G fungicide has both preventative and curative properties, it is most effective when applied preventatively before diseases develop or at the first sign of disease. 

The granules of Heritage G are designed to minimize dust during your application and are highly water soluble to allow the granules to disperse with a heavy dew or light rain. To apply, calibrate your granular spreader according to the instructions on the product label and add the granules to the spreader. Walk back and forth across your lawn, releasing granules evenly across the area being treated. Sweep any granules that land on the sidewalk or driveway back into your lawn.

Water the fungicide granules once they are in the lawn to activate. If rain is predicted shortly after application, you can let mother nature water in the granules for you.

Heritage G is applied at a rate of 2 – to - 4 lbs per 1,000 sq feet.  Start with the lower application rate of 2 pounds of product per 1,000 square feet when conditions are ideal for disease development and increase to 4 pounds of product per 1,000 square feet under high disease pressure. When treating for fairy ring, pythium root dysfunction, and snow mold, use 4 pounds of product per 1,000 square feet for all applications.

When applying Heritage G, be sure to wear personal protective equipment including long sleeves, chemical resistant gloves, closed toe shoes, and pants. Keep pets and children away from treated areas until the turf has had time to dry, about 4-5 hours in sunny conditions.

Heritage G can be reapplied every 10 to 28 days but should not be used more than twice in a row when treating for pythium disease or more than four times in a row when treating for other diseases. Heritage G is a group 11 fungicide and should be rotated with a non-group 11 fungicide to prevent resistance.

It can also be applied in landscape beds if applied according to the instructions on the label. It is safe to use in warm and cool season turfs.

Refer to the Heritage G fungicide product label for detailed application rates, instructions, and reapplication intervals.

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