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How to Use HexPro Termite Bait Stations with Shatterbait

By DoMyOwn staff

Learn how to use the HexPro Termite Bait System with Shatterbait to treat the perimeter of your home or structure for termites.

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Using a bait system around your home is a great preventative treatment for termites. Their main purpose is to stop termites coming from the yard, and into your house.

The HexPro Baiting System is a great choice to stop termites before they infest your home. Unlike older bait systems, the HexPro bait stations have larger slots that allow for maximum bait to soil contact. This allows for better and more accurate termite monitoring. 

Before installing the stations, make sure to read the product label completely.

The first step is to install the stations into the ground every eight to ten feet around the perimeter of your structure. They should be placed two to four feet away from the foundation but you can place the stations as far as 20 feet from the structure if decks, sidewalks, porches or landscaped areas prevent closer baiting. Make sure the placement is not under the drip line from the roof of the structure. The top of the station should be flush with the soil surface. The spacing between stations can be reduced if Termite activity is known in a specific area and is heavy.

Here's a pro tip! Install the bait stations following landscape plantings. These areas usually contain mulch or some sort of ground covering which will contain lots of moisture. This makes ideal conditions for Termite activity.

Second  step, if there is termite activity present, you should replace wood cartridges with Shatter Termite bait cartridges. Don't bait unless you have termite activity. 

When an infested HexPro Termite Station is baited with Shatter termite bait, it's strongly recommended that one or more auxiliary stations be placed and baited as well. This will increase bait volume and maximize bait consumption. Refer to the Shatter Bait product label for further details.

Third step is to up the chance of bait consumption. You can enhance the chance of consumption of the Shatter Termite Bait by adding about an ounce of water or sugar based drinks, like sports performance drinks, to the recruitment chamber of the bait cartridge. To do this, make sure you leave the plastic wrapper on while filling up the bait tube. Let it soak into the bait, then take the plastic wrapper off before adding it to the bait station. If you're installing stations in arid or dry climates, add up to two fluid ounces before introducing termites to the chamber. 

Here's another pro tip! Take the monitoring device that was being fed upon in an infested station, and tap some of the termites into the bait tube. This is called self recruitment. It will cause about 30% more feeding on bait tubes. Termites will eat their way out and take the poison to the colony which will start the elimination process.

Fourth step is to check baited stations every 30 to 90 days to see if termite activity is detected or has stopped. When activity stops, Shatter termite bait can be removed and replaced with a wood monitor. Repeat the process as needed. If you are dealing with Formosan Termites, stations should be checked more often, about once a month, because these termites consume more bait.

Fifth and final step, is to  replace the wood monitor as needed. Wood that is soggy or moldy should be replaced as soon as possible.

And it's that easy with the expert help from Do My Own Pest Control dot com!

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