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How to Use Rodent Traps

By DoMyOwn staff

Have rodents in your home or office? Traps are an effective way to remove rats, mice, and other rodents. Watch the videos below to learn how to properly set and place rodent traps.

Baiting Rodent Snap Traps
Rodent Snap Traps should be baited with food-based and nesting materials indoors before using to ensure they are effective. The pros at are here to help.
How to Place Rodent Snap Traps
Indoor rat and mice control relies heavily on proper use of traps. Learn entry-level methods of placement with this video!
How To Use Glue Board Traps for Insect and Rodent Pests
Learn how to use glue boards according to the pest you are trying to capture.
How to Use the Catchmaster Multi-Catch Mouse Trap to Catch Mice
This video will show you how the Victor Tin Mouse Trap works and how to use it properly.
Victor Mouse Trap M040 Review
Learn how to set and use a Victor Mouse Trap M040.
How to Place Outdoor Rodent Bait Stations
Proper rodent control depends on placing rodent bait stations outdoors properly.