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How to Use Spider Control Kit

By DoMyOwn staff

The spider pest control kit has everything you need to get rid of spiders inside your home. The kit includes an insecticide concentrate, a quick knockdown aerosol, and monitoring glue-boards.

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Hi I'm Nicole with Today, we're going to be talking about how to get rid of spiders using our spider control kit.

Our spider control kit has all of the best products together in one kit that you need to be able to successfully treat the inside of your home for spiders.

But first thing's first: we need to make sure we take down all the spiderwebs you can see inside your home. I would recommend. getting a cobweb duster and taking a walk around your home - looking up high and down low, dusting those cobwebs and spiderwebs that you see. the reason for that is twofold:first, you want a good clean surface to be able to spray your insecticide on and second, those spiderwebs trap insects, and insects are the food source for your spiders. So by getting rid of that food source for them, that'll go a long way to alleviate the problem.

When you receive the kit, there's going to be 3 different products in your kit. One is going to be a liquid insecticide concentrate spray for cracks and crevices, Two is going to be a pressurized contact kill aerosol spray, and three is going to be monitoring glueboards.

The first product in the kit that you're going to use is going to be your liquid concentrate insecticide. This is what will give you your residual. All that means is this is a product that's going to keep killing pests for a long period of time as long as you apply it per the labeled instructions.  To use this product, the first step is to put on gloves before you start. Shake the concentrate well, fill your sprayer with the required amount of water and insecticide as listed on the product label, and agitate the sprayer before you finish filling the sprayer with water, and agitate one more time before application. Apply the spray in cracks and crevices that spiders and insects may enter or hide in like window frames, door frames, under and behind appliances, in closets and storage areas, in corners, and where utilities enter the structure. Allow the areas to fully ventilate and dry before allowing pets or people back into the room.

OK, so you've finished with Step 1 and it's on to Step 2. Step 2 is going to be your aerosol contact kill. This is going to be used to be sprayed directly on spiders to kill them right away. Pay special attention to cracks, hidden surfaces, windows, and door frames. And again, make sure to let the areas fully ventilate and dry before allowing pets and people back into the room.

In the kit, you're going to find insect monitoring glueboards. These are for you to be able to put out in corners of your home, in rooms and closets where you've seen pests and spiders before, just to help you monitor and make sure your population is going down and that you're doing everything right with the rest of your treatment plan. To use the insect monitoring glueboards, you'll wanna remove the paper to expose the glue backing and you will want to put the traps where spiders or other insects may hide or travel like under cabinets, behind toilets, in closets, and in corners. Remember to check your insect monitoring glueboards weekly and replace with fresh ones if you notice they are full of insects, dust, or other debris. Also, monitoring them weekly will allow you to notice if you have a decline in pest presence on your glueboard:that means you're successful and doing something right.

And most importantly, make sure you're following the detailed product label that comes with each product. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. I hope that you found all of this information today helpful. Be sure to like, subscribe, and follow. Thanks!