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How to Water Your Lawn Lawn Watering Tips

By DoMyOwn staff

Most people think watering your lawn is simply putting a sprinkler in the yard and letting it run large amounts of time. In this video we go over some basic lawn watering tips to make sure your yard is as healthy as possible!

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Video Transcript

How often you water your lawn depends largely on where you live and your specific grass type. Proper watering is important, but will not fix all of your lawn's issues. The main reason to water grass in summer is to maintain color. 

Lawns need between one to one and a half inches of water a week. Do not water a whole inch in one day. Instead, do a half inch of water, twice a week. Your soil needs time to dry out between irrigation cycles. To measure this, simply buy a rain gauge and place it in the middle of the stream, and run your sprinkler for about 45 minutes to an hour. 

Make sure to move the sprinkler around to cover all of the yard, making sure to barely overlap in areas.

The best times to water your lawn is early in the morning or late in the evening. Proper grass height and weather conditions affect how much water your lawn needs. If drought conditions exist, water just enough until there is runoff. Once run off exists, stop your watering, to conserve water.

Signs your lawn needs water are brown, gray or even white spots. You can also perform a walk test. Simply walk across the lawn and watch your footprints. If they do not spring back up, the grass is dehydrated and needs water.

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