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Steve from Charlotte, Nc writes

How would I apply Delta Dust in a Crawl Space to kill Camel Crickets?

I recently bought a home that has a sizable population of Camel Crickets in the Crawl Space. There was a leak that has not repaired by the previous owner for some time which saturated some of the subfloor and joists, providing the damp environment that they like, but they're not just in that area, they're all over the crawl space. We're going to repair the structural damage and replace the subfloor, but don't want hundreds of crickets coming up into the house when we rip the old subfloor out. We have been finding them in the house more frequently and want to get rid of them. How should I apply the Delta Dust to be most effective? The Crickets are generally on vertical surfaces such as the foundation walls or the floor joists. I assume they're probably in the insulation as well. The house is about 2000 sq. ft. and I'd like to treat the entire crawl space.


You will need to apply about 0.5 lbs -1.0 lbs of Delta dust for each 1,000 sq ft of the crawl space. Spreading the dust over the entire crawlspace using a hand duster can be a labor intensive job. Most folks choose to use a Dustin Mizer Duster to help cover the area and save their hands from pumping a hand duster 100's of times.

Answer last updated on: 05/31/2012

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