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What is Hydramethylnon?

By DoMyOwn staff

What is hydramethylnon?

Hydramethylnon is an odorless, yellow-orange crystalline solid, functioning most frequently as the active ingredient in read-to-use roach and ant bait formulations. Hydramethylnon bait stations, bait gels, and granulars target a wide variety of ant and roach species both indoors and outdoors.

How does hydramethlynon work to control pests?

Hydramethylnon is one among a group of pesticides known as trifluoromethyl aminohydrazones, or, "metabolic inhibitors". While the majority of insecticides attack the central nervous system to cause nerve excitation, metabolic inhibitors like hydramethylnon attack the insect's metabolic systems, resulting in decreased energy, lethargy, and the inability to perform basic life-sustaining functions such as feeding and grooming. Symptoms are delayed, however, with death typically occurs within 24 to 72 hours. This unique property allows for affected carrier insects to return to its colony or harborage and spread the poison to others:

  • Ant Control. Ant bait or granulars containing hydramethylnon are sprayed or spread over the infested area. Ants soon retrieve the bait and return to their colony. The affected ant then serves as a poison carrier to other ants either by contact or through bait sharing. In this way, bait effectiveness is maximized.

  • Roach Control. Roach bait or gel containing hydramethylnon is planted or applied in areas of highest travel (most often kitchens and bathrooms). Roaches ingest the bait or track through the gel to trigger hydramethylnon poisoning. Roaches then act as poison carriers by coming in contact with other roaches. Poison is also effectively spread throughout roach colonies when the affected roach dies and the other roaches feed on its carcass or feces.

Hydramethylnon is a "safe-for-home-use" insecticide.

Hydramethylnon is classified as a General Use Pesticide (GUP), meaning that it is unlikely to harm the environment as long as you follow the directions on the label. Anyone can safely use a GUP, not just the pros.

Products containing hydramethylnon:

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