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Kathy from Canada writes

If I do not seal the bins, just hang a Nuvan strip above them, will I still eliminate bedbugs?

I have a large room in the basement that is 1300 square feet with no vents or windows. Can I place my stuff in bins with the lids off and with 1 strip hanging from the ceiling over the bins? Will that kill all the bed bugs?


We recommend sealing the items you want into the smaller bins with a Nuvan Prostrip so that the vapors from the strip can circulate around the items in a strong enough concentration to kill bedbugs. Hanging one strip in a room with 1300 sq ft will not work because it is too much space for one strip. If you want to use the Nuvan strips to treat items in the entire sealed basement you will need to calculate how many cubic feet you have and use one strip per 100 cubic feet. Be sure to make sure there is plenty of space between each item so the vapor can circulate properly. Please read and follow the directions on the Nuvan Prostrips product label for best results. We do not recommend using Nuvan Prostrips as the sole product to eliminate bedbugs. Please take a few moments to check out our bedbug kits which come with all of the other products you may need to help eliminate this pest.

Answer last updated on: 12/16/2011

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