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Shaneyne writes

If a mouse ingests Brigand SB Soft Bait Rodenticide and then dies, what if my domesticated cat eats it?

How much would an extra large dog need to eat for it to be harmful?


The product label for Brigand SB Soft Bait Rodenticide states that this product should be placed in secured bait stations that are out of reach of children, pets or non-target animals. However, the amount of active ingredient that a mouse ingests is fairly minor, and your cat would have to eat a larger amount to be negatively impacted. Keep in mind that well-fed pets generally will not also eat wildlife they find outdoors.  If there are any signs that your pets have been affected by a poison, we strongly recommend that you contact your vet immediately. Although this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, you may still wish to contact the manufacturer PelGar directly for specific product questions not addressed on the label at 610-849-1723, or via their website's contact page here.

Answer last updated on: 02/24/2021

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