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Toya from Aurora, Il writes

If I spray Crossfire everyday will I be certain to be bed bug free?

The exterminator came the day after my son came from his dads house and only found one in my whole townhouse in my couch where my son had sat before I made him go directly over to the shower and bagged his clothes and put newly purchased ones on. I still had him do every room just in case i vaccumed after and sprayed more crossfire. When can I be sure there are no more bugs?


 Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate is NOT meant to be sprayed everyday. Please follow application rate instructions and do not go over application amount. Please see info below for bed bug assistance. Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate is a great product that can effectively assist with bed bug removal. Effectiveness is based on infestation and if product was appropriately applied per label instructions

**If bedbugs have been found in the home you will want to follow our detailed bedbug guide which will take you through each step necessary to completely eliminate the population. As you go through the guide linked below you will see the non chemical steps (such as washing and drying clothes and linens) as well as chemical steps including where and how to use each product. Our Bed Bug kits are the best route to make sure you are using the best products on the market and without breaking the bank. Each kit is designed to treat a different size home or number of rooms, so you can choose the one best suited to the areas you have effected by the pest problem. The kits come with all the products need to do a complete treatment in all the places bed bugs can hide and enough product to complete roughly 4 repeat applications. Since every home and infestation is different you will want to do diligent and meticulous treatments with the products every 7-14 days until you can go 30 days in a row with no signs of live bed bugs and no new bites on the occupants of the home. 

Bed Bug Guide- Click through the areas labeled as Identify, Inspect, Treat and Prevent

Bed Bug Kits


Answer last updated on: 03/20/2021

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