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Anand from Fl writes

I'm having trunk rot at the base of my ornamental palms. Palms are planted in ground. Need rate of Banrot WP Fungicide

The intention is to treat the surrounding areas / ground of the palms. Can you say the dosage per gallon of water? Using a spray can to apply / drench. Possible to give the measurements in "spoons" (tea or table) would be most appreciative. Regards, Anand.


Banrot WP Fungicide is labeled to treat both Phytophthora and Thielaviopsis bud rots in palms by bud drench at the time of seeding and planting., but it is only for use in commercial greenhouses. Whether treatment for your plants is possible will depend on the age of the plants and severity of the problem. This article from the University of Florida Extension has great information about these pathogens and treatment options. The rate is for larger areas as well due to being for commerical use only.  Mix 6-12 oz. of Banrot® 40 WP with 100 gal. of water per 400 sq. ft. (equivalent to 1 quart/sq. ft. soil surface) or apply in sufficient volume to saturate the soil mixture, such as 1 ?2 pint per 6” pot

Answer last updated on: 01/11/2021

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