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October is National Pet Wellness Month

By DoMyOwn staff

Pets can be great companions in the home through major milestones of our lives. Dogs of all types and housecats are beloved parts of millions of families across the country. Just like we take care of ourselves and our human families, a pet needs regular care and attention to stay healthy, happy, and well.

October is recognized as National Pet Wellness Month in the U.S. This is a time for pet owners to reflect on the importance of regular, ongoing pet wellness checks and treatments when they are needed. Although pets of all types need attention and care year round, we're focusing on dogs and cats with our recommendations here.

Because dogs and cats age differently than we do, it's important to schedule wellness checks for your pets regularly. Veterinarians recommend two visits per year to help catch early signs of potential illnesses or injuries that can be healed or prevented with the right treatment.

Benefits of Regular Pet Wellness Checks

  • They allow your veterinarian to become more familiar with your pet's health
  • Veterinarians have an opportunity to recommend age-appropriate foods, supplements, and exercises
  • Keeping your pet up to date on vaccinations and other preventative treatments can help avoid disease

It's also a great month to schedule a little extra time with your cat or dog for a walk outdoors or some playtime in the home. Interacting with your pet is a great way to strengthen bonds and to give them the mental stimulation and physical activity they need to avoid boredom and possible bad behavior.

Giving their coat a gentle brushing will result in a cleaner, healthier coat, and can also increase the bond with your pet.

There are also ways to promote your pet's wellness from home. DoMyOwn offers flea collars and topical treatments to protect your pet from fleas and ticks, medicated dog shampoos and other grooming products to keep coats healthy, and vitamins and other supplements to keep your cat or dog growing strong for years to come.

We offer a great selection of pet wellness products at DoMyOwn. Find the right ones for your pet with advice from your veterinarian and call us if you'd like to place an order.

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