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    By Murray on 04/02/2022

    Didn't know how much of a carpenter ant problem we had until we used this kit. Within 12 hours we started sweeping up dead ants. The liquid gel seems to work best for us.

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    Carpenter Ants

    By Kelly on 04/28/2023

    I purchased the Indoor Carpenter Ant Bait Kit. The carpenter ants were attracted to the gel bait but would make a wide circle to avoid the granules. Maybe at this point in time they were only interested in a sweet food. The ants avoided either bait in the plastic trays. If I put the gel on both the outer edge of the tray and inside the tray the ants would enter the plastic tray and eat the gel bait. If the gel was only inside the tray they would not enter the tray. The ants seem to be gone. I still see another dead one now and then but no more live ones. I hope those are just stragglers, not a new group starting over. I tried the granules with random ants in the yard and they were interested and those little hills disappeared. So the granules did kill ants - the carpenter ants did not consume it but I think it would have killed them, too. The customer service rep was very helpful. I would buy from DoMyOwn again but probably not this particular kit. I would try to research if carpenter ants are more likely to eat sweet or protein bait based on time of year or something like that and go with one bait or the other. So no stars for the trays (though I like the idea of the trays), 5 stars for the gel because it seemed to work, and 3 stars for the granules because it killed other ants.

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    Got rid of my ants

    By Ajb on 06/23/2023

    This got rid of my carpenter ants (Central Jersey). Used the gel only.

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    Easy and Effective

    By Mike on 06/11/2022

    Easy and effective treatment. Would highly recommend.

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    Indoor carpenter ant bait kit

    By Rick on 04/21/2023

    I Used a spray from box store with limited results. This bait kit they fed hard on for a few days and 4 days later was the last one I saw. Its been a week after that and have not seen any. They seemed to like the gel bait more but overall the kit saved me alot of money. An exterminator would have been next.

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    Great product with one major drawback

    By Charles on 09/09/2023

    Advance Carpenter Ant bait definitely helped get rid of the ants, along with a secondary use of carpenter ant spray for the perimeter after the bait was used. But the bait attracts chipmunks which eat the bait left in small piles without killing them and they make their homes there , so now I have a major problem with chipmunk invasion with many holes undermining my foundation and have tried all available repellants which are only temporary solutions and none of the kill traps work. At least the ants are gone, but if you use this bait make sure to spread it around rather than leaving small piles and maybe use a rodent repellant at the same time . Even the trays are decimated by these rodent terrorists in cute furry disguise.

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