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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Economical Effcient Ant Control

    By Danette on 09/25/2023

    Do My Own makes the ordering process and use of their products so simple. We were able to cancel our less than effective pest service and rid our kitchen invasion of carpenter ants. The outside was treated as well as the areas inside.

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    Carpenter ants are gone!

    By Adamant on 03/30/2024

    I moved into a home that had been vacant for a year. We started seeing carpenter ants emerging in the bathroom in December. I knew this was not good and that they were living in the walls. In February I started seeing them through the entire house. We had a bug company out but the ants persisted. As a last ditch effort I ordered this product and we sprayed the perimeter of the house, sprinkled the ant granules all around the house and also placed the bait stations with both gel and granules in the attic. Within a day I noticed less ants and the random ones I did see were much larger and sick. So I knew that once the bigger ones were emerging it meant that the forager ants were dying off. Then they all vanished. I will continue to spray the exterior a few more times this spring. I am honestly shocked at how well it worked. I had ants crawling all over my bathroom and even making it into the bedroom on the headboard. It was gross. So this is an honest review this stuff works like magic. The good news is, this apparently works for all other kind of insects and wood boring insects like termites. So it's a bonus! Don't fret if you have carpenter ants as once you find the right product they are easy to kill. Go for it!

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)