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Agnes writes

Is Advance Carpenter Ant Bait harmful to trees?

I want to use the Carpenter Ant Kit to treat a Cedar Elm in my yard that has a serious infestation. Will it be harmful to the tree? Will it cause the ants to move to my house (the Cedar Elm is close to my house, though branches have been cut back from the house) or another tree?


The Carpenter Ant Kit #1 consists of baits that the Carpenter Ants will eat and take back to their nest.  They will then feed the bait to the queen and the other colony members and in turn the product will kill all of the ants in the colony.  This is important because once the colony is eliminated, you will not have to battle them again.  That being said, these baits are very safe and completely harmless to trees or plant life outside.  The ants will not move to another location or to your house.  These products are a bait that the carpenter ants are attracted to and will want to eat, so it will not cause them to move away from it.  Follow the instructions on the packaging.

Answer last updated on: 08/30/2009

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Carpenter Ant Kit #1

Carpenter Ant Kit #1

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