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Shivram from New York writes

Is CB PCO Fogger with Pyrethrins effective against Mosquitoes?

I think we have some mosquitoes in the room and they come out at night while were asleep. I also think they are laying eggs. Will it kill the eggs also?


CB PCO Fogger with Pyrethrins is labeled for mosquitoes and would most likely do a good job for you if you are indeed dealing with mosquitoes. Mosquitoes would not be able to reproduce in your home because the larval stage of the mosquito is aquatic and would need stagnant water to be able to survive. We strongly recommend that you get a sample of the insect you suspect of biting you and contact your local cooperative extension office and seek a proper identification. If you find you are not able to obtain a sample you should contact a reputable pest control company and have them come do a free inspection and identification.  There are other possibilities such as bedbugs that would seem more plausible. We would encourage you not to use a fogger until you are sure what insect you are dealing with because using a fogger in a home with bedbugs could complicate the treatment process.

Answer last updated on: 11/04/2011

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