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Darnell writes

Is Cy-Kick aerosol safe to use in a child's room?

Roaches seem to hide between the bed and wall. This is where I like to spray. My kids are wild sleepers and they tend to let their blankets fall in that area. My question is, if the blanket does fall could the Cy-Kick harm my kids if they then use the blanket? Is Cy-Kick safe once it is dry?


First, you may want to consider thoroughly cleaning the area where roaches tend to congregate in your childs room, especially if your child eats in there. Second, if you are using the Cy-Kick Aerosol properly (please read the product label) then it is only being applied to the cracks and crevices around the room, not out in the open on the floor. By applying the product as specified on the product label, you limit the contact your children can have with it. And yes, once the product is dry it is safe for the kids to be around.

Answer last updated on: 12/30/2010

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