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Paul from Denver, Co writes

Is Delta Dust safe to use in voids under basement slab with ASD fan in use?

I have void under the foundation extending about 18" under the basement slab around the perimeter. With 1/4" test holes a the furthest locals from a 4" PVC penetrating the slab with fan exhausting soil gas 12" out above the roof. Fan runs at very low speed with only about -.008 inch of WC (2 PA) at 1/4" test holes and -.160 inch WC at fan in PVC pipe just before roof exit. Can I inject the dust into the 1/4" holes an draw through voids with fan? Will dust draw thought 40' of void leaving enough behind under slab to do the job? Will dust make it out 10 to 20 feet of the 4" PVC pipe with fan on? Will it be safe to breath air near roof penetration?


We are not familiar with the set up you are describing. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly for this information. You can reach Bayer by calling 800-331-2867.

Answer last updated on: 04/18/2013

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